Our highlighted product:

The Bread

Modern rentable software for bakeries of the 21st century

  • Reliable and integrated production support :
    For an efficient and easy to follow daily life
  • Profitable investment :
    Calculable cost of investment, personalized financial constructions
  • Modern desing :
    Online access from screen, tablet, mobile phone from anywhere
  • Supporting hardware toolsa :
    Touchscreen displays, digital bakery industry tools, card readers at the sevice of efficiency and security

Development services

Identity and Access Management Consultancy

As technical consultants we provide customers with flexible resourcing options to enable customers to benefit from our experience and expertise. Successful solution and service delivery, SCYT is ideally positioned to assist customers deliver on their software project commitments. Project expertise in Finance, Industry, Telecommunications spread throughout Germany, Hungary, Ireland and UK. Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries. IAM technology can be used to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion. Increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.Our company offers high professional consultancy, design implementation and integration support of Identity and Access Management technologies.